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Review Paisa Vasool


This year Balakrishna received a rare milestone in his film career. With the score of ‘Gautamiputra Sutakkarani’, he once again showed his strength at the box office. director Puri Jagannath tries to make the new thing from time to time. The role of heroine in the rest of the director’s films and the role of Puri in the film is very different. Puri, in the eyes of the masses, is the role of his heroine. To be sure, type “Theda Singh“. And what if Balakrishna, the protagonist of the film, entered the role? Is it a kick like ‘Paisa Vasool for fans and audiences? Does the new combinations impress?

Diffing (Balakrishna) .. Tihar comes out of jail. Not afraid of anything. He opens to anyone. On the other hand, the Indian police are searching for the International Mafiadon, Bobmore (Vikramjeet). He is in Portugal and destroys India. The laws and governments are coming here to catch him. He thinks it is the right way to kill him with another gangster, ‘Raw’ officer (Kabirbaddy). At this point the difference is visible to them. The sketch is used to overtake Bobmore, using this variation. And what about the mafiadan? Did He End Up? Who is this difference actually? The other things to look at the screen.

Puri Jagannath made the film ‘Paisa Vasool‘ directed to give the fans the entertainment and entertainment. Puri has been a hundred times successful in designing Balakrishna’s character and sharing his new dialogue with him. Many variations appear in the ‘difference’ role. They all love the fans. Whenever Balakrishna appears on the screen, the spectator will be entertained. He is the main strength of this film. Balakrishna’s dialogues in every scene are elusive. The director is busy with action sequences. While the Portugal episode is big, Puri has shown new scenes. If the images of Puri’s past shades are scattered, the twists in the middle seem to be new. ‘Paisa Chakul’ is the proof of the entry of Puri in the role of heroine.

What to do: To see a new Balakrishna is to see ‘Paisavasool’. Balakrishna’s dialogue delivery does not appear anywhere in the past. This is the main highlight. Whistles in the theater for the song sung by Balayya. Balakrishna dialogue (Only Fans and Family, Outers Not Allowed) before the rest of the leisure. There are only three heroines, Shriya is the most prominent. She only appears in the Portugal episode. The role of the story is crucial. Kaira Dutt spills in item song and is interesting to her role. Muscan was a song that was limited to some scenes. Balayya Chemistry workshop is the heroine of the movie. Ali Easari, who appears in every film in Puri, has a role. Kabirbadi is seen in a prominent role. His character is impressive. The rest of the characters played well on their roles. Like Puri’s previous films, villain gang appears.

Director Puri Jagannath is just focusing on Balakrishna’s character. The film was also designed as well. The character gives 100% entertainment to the viewer. Puri’s words will be sharpened. I like all about the country and patriotism. The story and the narrative of the story are a little bit wrong and the role of the heroine in front of the character does not appear much. Anoop songs are good. ‘Paisa vasool’ and ‘Mama Ek Pegla’ are very much appreciated. Camera performance is also impressive. The movie is short. Most Sharp edited. Production values ​​are good.

+ Balakrishna
+ Dialogs
+ The way the story is shaped
+ Editing

– Some scenes that Puri has reminiscent of past images

Finally: Only Fans and Family, Ousters Not Allowed

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